Alasdair Anderson

Senior Consultant

A world expert in electrical systems, particularly in the marine industry, with experience in both traditional systems and complex novel technologies.

My biography

After initially training as a mechanical engineer at sea, I retrained with a degree in electrical and electronic engineering. I spent 29 years dealing with electrical systems on ships and offshore installations with a major classification society, as Technical Manager of the society's Electrotechnical Systems Group. The background of both mechanical and electrical engineering has been a great advantage in understanding projects from a systems perspective.

In addition to time spent dealing with design matters, I also spent time on site at manufacturer’s works and in shipyards during testing and commissioning gaining much experience in the testing requirements and issues involved. It also gave a good understanding of the processes involved in large scale industrial manufacture and production.

With increasing experience, I also became involved in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) developing standards for electrical systems on ships and offshore installations, and spent the maximum permitted nine years as the Chairman of the relevant Technical Committee (IEC TC 18) and have attended international meetings both as Chairman and as head of the UK Delegation. I also represented both the IEC and IACS (the International Association of Classification Societies) at International Maritime Organization (IMO) meetings.

More recently I have been involved in projects and standards aimed at reducing the environmental impact of either shipping or of power generation in general. These have involved wind and tidal power and ship efficiency projects such as hybrid power for ship propulsion. As technology changes and advances, I have been part of IEC working groups developing standards for new technologies such as DC grids on ships.

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