Dr Steven Wagstaff

Principal Consultant

Enabling innovative and tailored solutions in material technology and integrated health management.

My biography

I have spent the majority of my career developing through-life approaches to manage a range of assets, including: ships, munitions and power stations. I am an internationally recognised expert for my work on munition health management and have co-chaired activities within the NATO Science and Technology Organisation (STO). I have received a number of recognitions, including the NATO Scientific Achievement Award. 

I am currently the materials lead on a number of UK defence programmes. I support multinational collaborations including the NATO Smart Defence Initiative in the field of digital health management and cost benefit analysis for complex military capability and space applications. 

I have developed services around material technology, corrosion management and materials assurance, which looks at the legislative and regulatory use of materials. This includes developing organisational policy, management plans and business practices with supporting databases, repositories and models.

Prior to Frazer- Nash I completed a BSc, MSc and PhD at Bristol University in physics and advanced electronic materials including quantum computing. Furthermore, I spent ten enjoyable years within a defence corporate research centre developing material sensors and models that have been successfully developed and deployed across land, maritime and air defence applications.  

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