Gita Judah

Consultant Engineer, Electrical Control and Instrumentation

Chartered engineer in power generation, renewable energy and HV networks, with experience of supporting electrical systems from concept design to commissioning.

My biography

I'm a Chartered Engineer in power generation, renewable energy and HV networks who has supported electrical systems from concept design to commissioning. I'm passionate about engineering, keeping abreast of policies and innovation.

I started my career in power generation and gained invaluable practical experience working in conventional power stations, including coal and gas fired. Moving into the renewable energy sector, I supported the ongoing development of several wind energy projects from early development, through optioneering, construction and commissioning. My passion for developing optimum solutions for projects was rewarded by the successful energisation of multiple onshore windfarms and gaining my IET Chartership.

Moving on to new engineering challenges with Frazer-Nash Consultancy, I specialised in power system modelling, acting as the technical lead supporting the Office for Nuclear Regulation's (ONR's) Generic Design Assessment and undertaking in-depth power system transient modelling of the complete HV electrical network of both the Hitachi design and HPR1000 design.  

With increasing experience, I have also lead other engineers in developing various front end engineering design (FEED) studies for new and existing electrical architecture, including new electrical equipment proposals and tendering, protection philosophies, and arc flash awareness for a range of industries including civil nuclear, steel forges and back-up supplies for critical systems.

Delving into public Distributed Network Operator (DNO) electrical networks, however, has always been my particular interest. New generation is facing ever increasing connection competition for their sites, and grid code\distribution code compliance is ever more complex to get resolved. I have liaised with most DNOs across the UK and am familiar with their networks, issues and innovation strategies, meaning I am able to provide advice on new connections, from Pathfinder projects to multi-technology connections.

It is essential to understand the practical onsite issues faced by our clients. There is no perfect solution and each engineering challenge needs to accommodate for constraints: either technical, operational, financial or physical. I believe in getting to know your issues through stakeholder engagement, and working in collaboration with the best team to solve them. Whether it is a small micro-grid community energy system or large industrial electrical networks, engineering problems can be solved together.

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