Stephen Livermore

Senior Consultant

Applying simple engineering analysis to develop a low-carbon energy system. Particular focus on hydrogen, decarbonising heat and energy efficiency.

My biography

I am a Senior Consultant in the Research and Innovation Group where I lead our work in decarbonising energy.  I have a broad interest in the energy system, from energy production processes, storage and transportation challenges, through to helping users to reduce their energy consumption.  My current focus is on the decarbonisation of heat and investigating the role hydrogen can play in developing a future low-carbon energy system.

Before joining Frazer-Nash, I undertook a PhD in the natural ventilation of buildings and worked for a start-up company to develop and commercialise low-energy ventilation systems. I developed a significant interest in applying simple engineering analysis to decarbonise heat and I have maintained this throughout my work at Frazer-Nash. I have investigated the feasibility of hydrogen for heat for buildings and I have extended this to consider its wider role in decarbonising hard to abate sectors and mitigating system-wide mismatches between energy demand and supply. 

At Frazer-Nash I have also applied my knowledge of the built environment to develop significant experience in process safety and have worked on numerous energy production and industrial process plants.

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