Thomas Helfer

Senior Consultant – Renewable Energy Technology

Applying nine years of operational experience to drive safe and efficient renewable energy generation and optimise legacy network infrastructure.

My biography

I bring a deep understanding of offshore wind operations to support clients, having previously worked for two international energy companies’ renewable energy divisions. I enjoy combining my nine years’ experience and broad engineering knowledge with our specialists’ deep technical capabilities to support the Net Zero transition.

I have previously worked mainly in offshore wind but also in oil and gas. During this time, I have led multi-disciplinary projects, provided operational support, and worked in operations and maintenance (O&M) teams. Achieving safe and efficient operations has been a continuous focus, whether delivering through contractors, back-office engineers, digital specialists, or the O&M team itself.

I have worked in a variety of roles and developed competencies in applied digitalisation, including predictive maintenance; automation and SCADA systems; data engineering, including data historians; sustainability goals and net-zero strategies; and wind farm performance analysis, including investor-grade operational performance assessments and LIDAR systems. I have a keen interest in organisational psychology and structure and have frequently led reviews of responsibilities and processes.

The optimisation of our legacy energy infrastructure is of further interest, and I have worked with electricity transmission and distribution partners, including National Grid. In addition, I have modelled domestic energy usage to understand consumer behaviour and assess the potential of ‘smart appliances’ and domestic energy demand management.

The energy industry is undergoing a huge transition to balance the needs of reaching Net Zero, whilst ensuring supply and maximising affordability. New generation and storage technologies, such as floating wind and hydrogen, combined with new capabilities in the digital space to leverage data and optimise legacy infrastructure, create an extremely interesting set of challenges that ultimately affect us all.

I enjoy supporting and mentoring others and feel passionately about increasing diversity within engineering in the UK. As part of this, I am an active STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Ambassador, working with local schools and universities to promote the industry.

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