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Strategic Weapon System (SWS) Engineers/Consultants

Location: Bristol, Glasgow Salary: Competitive + Benefits

Industry: Defence, Marine, Nuclear

Job Description

We are looking for Engineers/Consultants who are capable of making a significant contribution to our Strategic Weapon System (SWS) and Strategic Weapon Support Systems (SWSS) consultancy projects. Opportunities are available at all levels depending on technical and commercial experience.


The successful candidate will contribute to our growing offering in delivering consultancy services into MOD and Industrial Partners in support of the National Strategic Deterrent Programme for both the currently deployed system and its Successor. Candidates should normally have a good relevant engineering degree however deep technical knowledge and experience may be an acceptable alternative.  Familiarity with US/UK relationship in a Deterrent Programme context would be an advantage.

Successful candidates will be conversant with, and be able to demonstrate experience in some or all of the following areas:

  • SWS/SWSS operations, design, maintenance and interfaces
  • Proven technical lead/project management skills
  • Knowledge of the Nuclear Weapon Programme regulatory framework
  • Knowledge of the Management of Ship Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Knowledge of MOD procurement and safety management processes in a SWS context
  • Project Oriented Safety Management System (POSMS) / Project Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS)

Whilst we are interested in candidates who have worked extensively in a MOD or military submarine environment, we are also open to applications from those who have taken alternative routes to gaining the skills necessary for the role.

We would welcome applications from candidates who have experience with the Strategic Weapon System and are able to demonstrate how their skills could be applied to this role.

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