Asset Design and Technology - Senior Engineer

  • Department: Advanced System Design
  • Location: Burton upon Trent
  • Salary: £37,000 - £63,500

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Are you passionate about finding creative solutions to the toughest engineering challenges? Are you excited about contributing to sustainable solutions for future generations? Do you thrive on harnessing the power of technological advancements to make a positive impact on society?

Many of our clients own, manage and operate much of the critical assets and infrastructure we all rely on everyday; trains, planes, highways, power, utilities, communications etc. We are looking for individuals who are as excited as us to provide insightful systems thinking and technology expertise, as well as expertly engineered solutions, that will ensure the UKs infrastructure is sustainable into the future.

Our teams support clients across all stages of the asset life cycle, covering many aspects; from system strategy and concepts, into detailed design, and through to operational challenges like maintenance or decommissioning applications. In the role of Senior Engineer, for Asset Design and Technology you could be responsible for a wide range of activities, including:

• Generating innovative solutions through collaborative brainstorming and selection processes.

• Producing high-quality detailed designs for every stage of an asset's life, from concept to decommissioning.

• Creating and reviewing technical deliverables like test plans, design reports, and operation and maintenance manuals.

• Reviewing how an asset operates, corralling evidence and data to justify investments decisions.

• Demonstrating experience in supporting technology horizon scanning and option assessments.

• Staying up to date on the latest advancements in technology through literature studies and research.

• Applying systems engineering tools and techniques to solve complex problems.

• Bringing valuable experience from various sectors and industries to our team.

Some of the current programmes of work our teams are supporting include; developing proof of concept demonstrators for zero carbon energy systems, creating next generation digital railway infrastructure, designing jigs for remote handing equipment on infrastructure decommission, managing a suite of innovation projects for future power distribution assets and optimising the design of complex manufacturing processes.

As you can see, our projects are very diverse and can last from a few weeks to many years of sustained support. You will typically be involved with multiple projects at any one time, meeting and communicating with customers to understand their requirements and managing your project to deliver the desired outcomes and insights.


The successful applicant will meet the following minimum requirements:

• Possess a good degree in degree in Engineering, Science or, Applied Mathematics etc.

• Enthusiastic and knowledgeable about mechanical design, with experience of successful design solutions.

• Keen and experienced in how systems engineering techniques are applied to breakdown and solve problems.

• Strong skills in the interpretation of clients' technical needs and the development of requirements.

• Excellent communication skills both verbal and written. Excellent customer-facing skills.

It is to your advantage if you meet any or all the following additional requirements:

• Previous experience in a consultancy environment.

• Experience of working directly with critical infrastructure assets and systems.

• Ability to translate systems engineering practices from one industry to another.

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