Cyber Security & Airworthiness Engineer

  • Department: Aerospace, UAS, Rail, Nuclear, Defence, Autonomous Systems Safety & Assurance
  • Location: UK-wide
  • Job type: Full-time

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We are looking to recruit a number of Cyber Security & Airworthiness Engineers to join our rapidly growing team. The majority of your work will be providing support within the defence aviation domain helping to ensure that Air Systems remain safe despite potential cyber attacks which may threaten their airworthiness / safe to operate status, ensuring that appropriate focus is given to the Operational Technology aspects of such platforms. This includes providing assurance through the creation of Safety and Certification artefacts or assessment of compliance against regulation and standards.

The successful candidates will be able to work with clients (MoD, Design Organisations, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Supply Chain) to provide Cyber Security and Airworthiness support for new and in-service air platforms.

With a strong technical background, the successful candidate will lead and manage projects and identify, develop and capture new opportunities.


The successful applicant will meet the following minimum requirements:

  • A track record in managing or supporting Cyber Security/Safety programmes
  • A good understanding of both the Cyber life cycle and Safety lifecycle and their interactions, particularly when applied to platforms where a Cyber threat may result in a potential safety impact.
  • A comprehensive understanding of Cyber Security for Airworthiness standards such as DO-326A/ED-202A, DO-356A/ED-203A, DO-355A/ED-204A.
  • An understanding of secure by design methodologies and standards such as IEC62443.
  • A comprehensive understanding of Safety standards such as Defence Standard (Def Stan) 00-056, Def Stan 00-055 & Def Stan 05-138 and Air safety processes such as Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) 4754 & 4761.
  • An understanding of Software Assurance standards such as DO-178C, IEC 61508 (or sector specific derivatives) and DO-254.
  • The ability to assess design evidence against standards listed.
  • Knowledge and experience of systems engineering with the ability to understand client requirements, unpack complex certification challenges and develop solution strategies

It is to your advantage if you meet some or all the following additional requirements:

  • Defence Aviation Experience
  • A Master’s degree in an Cyber, Engineering, Computer Science, Safety or related subject; or similar experience gained through previous employment;
  • Be CEng/IEng accredited or a desire to work towards it with mentored professional development;
  • Project and Technical Management experience. We are looking for talented individuals, with a Systems Engineering mind-set and the ability to lead consultancy assignments; helping shape client needs, providing technical leadership and integration, and assuring the quality of our outputs;
  • Recent experience within Design Organisations, OMEs and/or their supply chains;
  • Knowledge and experience of safety assessment and analysis techniques and application across a variety of systems and platforms.

In addition, the applicant will need to display evidence of:

  • Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills;
  • Good problem solving skills;
  • Good business acumen;
  • Teamwork;
  • Technical Leadership.

Personal development is an important aspect and successful candidates will have access to professional development opportunities, training opportunities and conference attendance

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