Clean Energy Innovation Webinar

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  • 11:00 am
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Frazer-Nash and the Young Generation Network (YGN) will be hosting a four part webinar series, on the the latest innovations in clean energy.

Our four part webinar series will provide you with a great insight into how the energy industry is delivering and enabling innovation in the pursuit of Net Zero. You will be joining industry experts from across the UK helping to deliver clean energy, together with the next generation of engineers who are delivering innovative projects within nuclear, and beyond.

The second webinar is being held on -

Thursday 16 July | 11:00 am 
‘Security s
ays no’

Register for the 'Security says no' webinar here.

Ever had a security professional just say ‘no’? In this webinar you will discover how integrating security requirements up front in reactor design can improve both security performance and flexibility. We will look at real world examples of innovative security approaches, and outline how organisations can ensure they are resilient against previously unconsidered risks, such as insider threat. Join us to hear the following speakers:

  • James Cornish, Frazer-Nash Consultancy – Secure by design
  • Stacy Snook, Sellafield – The insider amongst us
  • Tim Abram, U-Battery – Security for the U-Battery micro-reactor
  • Emma Bradford, Frazer-Nash Consultancy – Beyond the malicious insider threat