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New white paper published: ‘Black starts – the benefits of sharing the load’

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In a recent white paper, ‘Black starts – the benefits of sharing the load’, Frazer-Nash’s Power, Transmission and Distribution Business Manager, Anuj Nayyar, discusses how collaborative action by generators could help restore power in a 'black start' scenario.

The paper also suggests that the transition of Distribution Network Operators into Distribution Systems Operators may act as a catalyst for changes to the existing black start processes.

Anuj explains: “A black start involves restoring power in the unlikely event that the whole electricity grid goes down. Currently, fossil-fuelled power stations – particularly gas-fired ones – have played a key part in the black start process, because they remain in a ‘warm’ state of readiness to re-energise the grid.

“Newer methods of generation, because of their intermittent nature, may not be able to offer this stable generation against an open grid. However, they may be able to play a restoration role in collaboration with other providers.”

Commenting on the paper, the right honourable Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom, Senior Consultant, SC Strategy said: “Our electricity distribution system is at the heart of everything we do. Modern society has become increasingly dependent on technology, so we have created for ourselves a single point of failure. It is essential for us to go further than admiring the problem – which is real, serious and potentially existential for our way of life – and begin to propose solutions. This paper from Frazer-Nash is an admirable move in that direction.”

You can read the paper on the Insights section of Frazer-Nash’s website, here.