Wind Energy-Optimising Offshore Grid Layout

wind turbine layout case study

Internal Project

Business Need
Reduce the long-term costs to marine power developments of offshore cables.



Optimise the cable layouts for arrays of marine energy devices.



We developed an electrical architecture planning tool that can be applied to energy farm layouts, to both model and optimise the farm electrical configuration and calculate costs.


Costs are considered for:

  • CAPEX - cabling purchase and installation, including the cost of substations and shore connections;
  • OPEX - the cost of running the farm including planned and unplanned maintenance;
  • Lost revenue - this is due to cable failures or electrical losses.


The tool is then used to run these three sources of cost through an optimisation loop in order to minimise the total. This optimisation step can:

  • Evaluate the cost effectiveness of a specific design, including resilience and redundancy;
  • Automatically generate a cable layout with the required balance of CAPEX and resilience built-in;
  • Explore the impact of varying the degree of 'design for resilience' on through life projects.



The tool can be used for energy projects of any type where cabling layout is a significant challenge; offshore wind, wave or tidal farms would all be suitable projects for this process.


Frazer-Nash has the capability to combine this tool with other software tools including wake modelling software and fatigue load estimation. This provides a powerful suite of offshore modelling tools that can improve the output from marine energy arrays resulting in reduced energy costs.