News & Events-Frazer-Nash sponsors the Public Sector ICT Summit 2017

Frazer-Nash is sponsoring the Public Sector ICT Summit 2017 - the event for information and communications technology (ICT) professionals that is dedicated to sharing the latest technologies and best practice.

With over 250 delegates attending on Wednesday 8 March in central London, this year's event is titled "Empowering Public Sector ICT Leaders".

Highlighting its digital, cyber and information systems expertise, Frazer-Nash's consultants will be engaging with the public sector ICT community to showcase how the company can help address their organisations' challenges.

Dr Matthew Perrin, Principal Consultant explains:

"Working in the digital and physical domains, Frazer-Nash is renowned for its work in the aerospace, security, transport, health, defence, environment and energy sectors and our resilience, cyber and information technology expertise.

"Using a range of case studies, drawn from across our business, we'll be demonstrating how our Systems Approach can help us respond to the challenges faced by ICT professionals and their organisations. We'll show how we work with our clients to understand the whole range of technical, operational, organisational, people and financial issues that surround their business. And, using this understanding, how we deliver demonstrable business and technical value."

At this year's event, key topics include: empowering public sector ICT leaders, harnessing digital technology to work smarter, successfully sharing data across the entire public sector safely, creating a digital and devolved democracy, implementing change across the public sector, creating a genuinely competitive marketplace.

For more information and details on how to participate, please click here.