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Frazer-Nash rail services brochure

At Frazer-Nash, our consultants apply their expertise and know-how to develop, enhance and protect our clients’ critical assets, systems and processes.

We understand the challenges our clients face, and we provide tailored solutions that deliver real value – whilst giving them a technical and commercial edge.

Frazer Nash rail services brochure

How resilient is your rail organisation?

We help you to ‘stress test’ your contingency plans and organisational resilience to real world events, ensuring you have the ability to withstand and recover from challenges, and adapt to an unknown future.

Our PREPARE model groups themes into resilience requirements. Its seven elements can be used to  structure an evaluation of what went well and what didn’t. It supports you to develop action plans and mitigation strategies, delivering practical recommendations to help improve your resilience.

Depot modelling

Frazer-Nash has developed a unique depot modelling software tool that is capable of comprehensively simulating the distinct activities that occur in a railway depot, and the interdependencies that exist.

Simulation of these activities is required to comprehensively analyse, assess and validate the performance of this complex environment under both normal and degraded conditions. The models used to simulate the environment consider fleet type, depot arrivals and departures, layout, required maintenance activities, staff roster, and train movement restrictions.

The models’ output plots the achieved and desired timetables, and illustrates the completeness of each maintenance activity, with interrogation identifying bottlenecks, depot operations’ inefficiencies and areas of over-capacity. The fast running simulation allows for quick and easy amendment of inputs, to trial alternative proposals without large capital expenditure. From a cost perspective, by comparing the output of various models a decision can be made on the most cost effective solution, which provides the required functionality when aligned to budget and timescales.

Case study: Central Line Depot Modelling

Discover how we helped London Underground streamline its fleet maintenance programme.

Download Filesize: 205.4KB

Case study: maintenance optimisation of passenger trains

Frazer-Nash helped Bombardier optimise its maintenance resources and depot capacity.

Download Filesize: 212.2KB

REPAIR (Rapid Evaluation and Planning Analysis Infrastructure for Railways)

REPAIR is a set of predictive tools being developed by Frazer-Nash Consultancy and the Logistics Institute at the University of Hull. Their goal? To revolutionise freight train planners’ understanding of the propagation of delays across the rail network, and help them mitigate the impact of current and future network delays on their services.

Funded under a grant from Network Rail and RSSB, as part of its Data Sandbox+ competition, REPAIR combines the Logistics Institute’s comprehensive, detailed and integrated rail network database, NR+, with Frazer Nash’s advanced machine learning experience from the defence sector.

You can download the case study here or watch the demonstration on the link below.

Watch our REPAIR demonstration (Vimeo link)


By supporting you to identify significant safety issues early in your project life cycle, we help you to minimise the likelihood of costly design changes later on.

We provide the safety deliverables that enable you to demonstrate compliance with the Common Safety Method for Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSM RA).

Our experts have supported a range of novel projects that are the first of their kind in the UK including the introduction of the first static frequency converter on the East Coast Main Line; and the introduction of Tram Train services for use on Network Rail infrastructure between Sheffield City Centre and Parkgate.

We supported Network Rail in the significant challenge of developing its Single Approach to Isolations for overhead line electrification (OLE).

We are leading the system safety activities for the national Supervisory Renewals project where Network Rail are replacing and upgrading the existing SCADA system.

Discover more: view and download our safety-related case studies


Depot automation: Helping you to improve safety and efficiency

We are helping our customers to use robotics and automation to improve the safety and efficiency of their rail operations, in depots, terminals and on track.

By investigating the automation of tasks, such as depot fluid maintenance, we can help you deliver significant efficiency and safety benefits to your organisation.

Case study: DOO CCTV – software assurance and validation support

Frazer-Nash provided essential support to Petards Group in the delivery of its eyeTrain CCTV product.

Download Filesize: 241.4KB

Case study: Train Zero – systems integration

Frazer-Nash worked with Bombardier Transportation UK to design and commission Train Zero, a model based design facility.

Download Filesize: 121.6KB

Case study: environmental assessments for railways

Frazer-Nash provided specialist environmental support to rail site investigations.

Download Filesize: 72.9KB

Case study: rail substation electrical refurbishment support

Frazer-Nash was employed to supply design support for the high voltage electrical protection systems.

Download Filesize: 87.2KB

Case study: railway train carriage CCTV

Frazer-Nash was appointed to develop a solution which would prevent a build up of dirt, debris and water on external camera lenses.

Download Filesize: 103KB

Case study: Transpennine Route Upgrade ETCS Study

Frazer-Nash was contracted to support the modelling of the Transpennine route.

Download Filesize: 165.1KB

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