Case study

Electrical Network Studies for a CHP Biomass plant


A papermaker was planning to install a Biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant on their site to replace their on-site generation. This new plant, which was to be built and managed by separate companies, would be capable of generating 50MW of electrical power to be partially consumed by the plant and with the remainder being exported to the grid. The various stakeholders needed to be assured that the project would meet the connection requirements of the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and the industrial client.

Our solution

We carried out electrical studies to assess the initial concept solution and its impact on the fault level of both the industrial customer and the DNO. Our scope of work included:

  • Site survey for the development of an IPSA model;
  • Carry out Load flow and Fault level studies for various operating arrangements, extreme operating conditions and switching events;
  • Identification of fault limiting reactors to maintain fault levels at the connecting substation within switchgear limits, and any operational restriction resulting from the new arrangement.


With this work we were able to provide an independent assessment of the feasibility of the concept solution. In particular, we were able to identify the limits of operation of the proposed design for the various operating regimes. Through these studies we were able to advice the stakeholders on the options to overcome their system limitations, such as the sizing of suitable fault limiting reactor devices.

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