Critical systems

We deliver trusted solutions for your critical systems, providing system specification, design and implementation within the most challenging environments.

Critical systems are found in many different applications including the nuclear power, aerospace and marine sectors. Failure of engineering solutions in these areas can have serious effects on the operators, the general public or the natural environment. Applications within these sectors need to have the highest standards of quality assurance and security, to protect your associated assets.

We can offer you:

  • Advice on selecting a hardware platform for your application
  • Software solutions that are optimised for your target hardware platform
  • Control system specification, design and implementation
  • Near and true real-time applications
  • Detailed and robust quality assurance.

Our engineering teams deliver trusted solutions within the most challenging environments. We produce control systems using real-time computing software solutions and a selection of standard hardware components, and deliver these solutions to the nuclear, aerospace and marine market sectors. Our expertise covers the full life cycle: from providing guidance on the specification of control system requirements, to producing detailed simulations of prototype designs, and delivering complete software solutions to drive production hardware. Our engineers are expert in using industry standard tools, such as MATLAB Simulink, LabVIEW and embedded C programming.

We also maintain and design software applications for use within secure environments. All our development work follows high standards of software testing and validation, to ensure that software is stable under general operating system requirements.