Data exploitation

We help you to quickly extract useful information from your data, offering post-processing and visualisation that can reduce costs and improve performance.

Many modern processes create data sets. These data include information from sensor arrays, analyses, or meta-data that describes a larger data set. Appropriate visualisation and post processing can allow you to quickly extract useful information from this data, reducing costs and improving performance.

We can offer you:

  • Web application design and implementation
  • Solutions that are based on a wide range of different database or serialisation technologies
  • Optimised analysis, balancing processing and data access requirements
  • Continuing support and development.

We implement a wide range of data post-processing and visualisation applications. Our expertise includes both web applications and offline analysis tools that interact with database storage solutions.

Our breadth of knowledge and expertise means that we are able to offer you web applications that are constructed with Microsoft, Oracle or Linux technology components. We work closely with you to produce the right solution that meets your practical and technology requirements, and can advise you on the total costs of development: this may include development of a long-term technology road map to avoid obsolescence issues.