Technology index

We develop applications using a variety of different programming languages, and a range of different operating systems and hardware platforms, to meet your specific needs.

We deploy technology that is best suited to your project goals. We have a wide range of technical expertise and can quickly learn the additional programming languages or technology elements needed to meet your requirements.

Our expertise includes developing applications using:

  • A huge variety of different programming languages
  • Database technologies and serialisation techniques
  • A wide range of different operating systems
  • A comprehensive selection of hardware platforms
  • Industry standard modelling and analysis packages.

Programming languages

We develop software packages using a wide variety of different programming languages, development environments, toolchains and operating systems. Our expertise includes C, C++, C#, Esterel, FORTRAN77 and 95, Java, JavaScript, LabVIEW, Perl, PHP, Python, UNIX shell scripts, VBA and VHDL programming languages. We  develop simple and complex applications using these programming languages, including combining two or more technologies to provide an optimal solution.

Supporting technologies and serialisation

We have an in-depth knowledge of supporting technology elements, such as CSS, HTML, JSON, RAZOR, SQL and XML. Our application development uses a number of different databases, including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and SQL Server. We also create bespoke serialisation solutions, to enable the highest possible input/output performance.

Operating systems

We have comprehensive experience of developing software using Microsoft Visual Studio and associated technology elements. We package applications so they can be easily deployed on target Microsoft operating systems, and have created a range of different VBA applications, using Microsoft Office and Visual Studio. We also produce web applications with Microsoft MVC and ASP.NET technologies.

Our applications have been produced for Linux, OSX, Solaris and UNIX operating systems, using GNU toolchain elements such as the GCC suite and associated build system. These applications are packaged appropriately, with post installation configuration scripts and documentation. Our packaging expertise also includes RPM and Python software distribution formats.

Hardware platforms

Our engineers have developed applications on a comprehensive range of different hardware platforms, including x86 PCs, low-powered ARM microprocessors, embedded systems and microcontrollers. We have implemented these applications with Linux, real time operating systems and bespoke algorithms.

Industry standard software

Our extensive development expertise covers several industry standard modelling tools, such as MATLAB, Simulink, Mathcad, Mathematica, Maple, and OrCAD. We have also produced models using finite element simulations, including ABAQUS, Actran, Altair Hyperworks, ANSA, ANSYS CFX and Fluent, LS-DYNA, OpenFOAM, SPARTA, TGrid and VAOne.

This is a short summary of our technical abilities. Other capabilities are available on request.