Human factors

We help you to integrate humans into your system design and influence user behaviours, optimising the performance of your business systems and the wellbeing of your people.

We apply our human factors expertise to your critical systems and processes, enabling you to improve safety and efficiency, and to reduce costs. Through integrating the human in system design and influencing user behaviour, you can optimise the performance of your systems and the well-being of your people.

Improving performance and human well-being

We take a systems approach to human factors, applying our knowledge of physical ergonomics, cognitive psychology, human behaviour and engineering to evaluate systems, individuals, teams, equipment and organisations. To improve the performance and wellbeing of individuals you need to understand both their interactions with equipment, and their role in the wider system and organisation, allowing you to identify the barriers and enablers to success.

Our approach prioritises the human element, to complement the wider technical approach or system. We are able to identify and mitigate a range of human related issues – helping you to avoid costly rework or redesign, supporting behavioural change, and improving human-system interactions.

Our skills and services

  • Human factors integration
  • Human factors assurance
  • Socio-technical systems
  • Usability and user experience
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Training
  • Safety and human reliability assessments
  • Research