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We help organisations to make the most of drones.

Unmanned Aerial Systems/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAS/UAV, also known as drones) are transforming the way organisations operate. As UAS experts, we support you to adopt and exploit UAS technology in new and novel ways. Through the combination of our breadth of expertise, agile Systems Approach, and independence, we enable you to realise significant increases in safety and performance, whilst reducing your overall costs.

There are many potential ways in which UAS can be used to enhance safety, improve efficiency and drive innovation in your business. Take a look at just some of the potential applications of drones (PDF, 4MB).

Our breadth of expertise and agile approach

We are experts in delivering leading UAS capabilities, combining technology, regulatory and operations expertise, often with a focus on BVLOS and Autonomy. Providing solutions to a breadth of technology and engineering challenges in the defence, energy and transport sectors, we offer you a unique understanding of both UAS and the wider systems with which they integrate.

We recognise that with such a fast developing technology, an agile approach is essential, to enhance our robust and rigorous systems methodology. Our agile Systems Approach focuses on the problem and your user needs, to provide you with the right solution.

As we are commercially independent of any one supplier or operator of systems, we provide you with expert advice that you can trust, and in which you can have confidence.

We want to make drones commonplace in a way that safely benefits society. We help you to understand the technology, risks and benefits of drones, enabling your capabilities and maximising the benefits drones deliver to you. Some examples of our recent work include:

  • Providing support to a government department, to demonstrate how it could best benefit from using UAS, by modelling cost and performance of different system options to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Scaling up UAS operations: we are delivering a systems engineering approach to support organisations to scale their drone operations intelligently, whilst maximising their resources
  • UAS Operational modelling: modelling and optimisation of a nationwide aerial response model that can support major incidents for emergency services
  • BVLOS operations: We have enhanced the capability of a national infrastructure organisation by developing new and novel ways of undertaking UAS beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) surveys of overhead lines and sub-stations, as well as increasing use of autonomy
  • Drone development: we have developed a bespoke high-speed modular UAS for a national security client, enabling a capability to rapidly deliver specialist payloads, and to undertake complex object tracking using embedded artificial intelligence
  • Humanitarian aid drones: we have developed a humanitarian aid delivery drone that could be launched in swarms from transport aircraft. In addition to the drone design, we developed the air vehicle, the aerial deployment system, a certification roadmap, the operational concept, and ground-based logistical elements
  • Multi system mission management: we are delivering an intelligent routing and planning system for autonomous vehicles, which has the real-time intelligent capacity to adapt to previously undetected obstacles
  • Assuring autonomy: we have recently led a consortium of industry experts to develop safety argument structures for assuring the safety of a system that ‘thinks for itself’.

Services that we offer include:

  • Concept development, including option assessments, feasibility studies and operational modelling
  • Technology road mapping and Techno Economic Assessments (TEA)
  • Design and development of hardware and software, including autonomy and swarming control, certification, trial planning and delivery and training
  • Integration of next generation systems
  • Safety case development (including BVLOS) and certification
  • Fleet management and through-life management including maintenance assessments
  • Data management, software development and human-machine interface (HMI) optimisation
  • Simulated environments (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) and digital twin development
  • UAS capability enhancement (e.g. for remote maintenance).

Our expertise

  • Drone requirements definition
  • UAS design, development, build and test
  • Safety and certification of UAS platforms and operations
  • Software
  • Automation
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

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