Internal ballistics software FNGUN

The FNGUN software suite has been developed by Frazer-Nash to support internal ballistics design.

The FNGUN software suite has been developed by Frazer-Nash to support internal ballistics design. The software combines state of the art numerical solvers with easy to use interfaces suitable for novices and experts, ballisticians and systems engineers. Full training and support packages are available.

FNGUN for internal ballistics

The FNGUN suite comprises 1D and 2D software to cover a wide range of gun systems including cased telescoped ammunition, mortars, modular charges, and bayonet primers. It has been validated on many different systems including small arms, large calibre direct and indirect fire, and mortars.

FNGUN is used by clients worldwide and has been proven to help clients reduce trial costs and reduce time to market for new products.


Originally developed for the UK MOD, FNGUN1D is a powerful simulation and design tool used for predicting all aspects of the performance of propellant burning gun systems. The software is valuable in cases where realistic gun and charge layouts are to be simulated, and where propagation of pressure waves or barrel heating are key areas of focus. FNGUN1D has been specifically developed to design and test gun systems, predict barrel heating, and assess barrel motion and buffer forces.


FNGUN2D significantly increases the capability of FNGUN1D to model complex 2D systems where analysis of radial flow effects are important. The software was developed in conjunction with QinetiQ and incorporates its QIMIBS 2D internal ballistics solver. The combination of a 2 dimensional solver and easy to use interface make this tool suitable for users with varying levels of experience.

Internal ballistics software packages

FNGUN1D and FNGUN2D offer fast run times and rapid assessment times. They are compatible with Windows XP and 7 and are developed and maintained to ISO9001 and TickIT. This software can be purchased by clients or used by Frazer-Nash on a consultancy basis.

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