Gas turbines

Our expertise in design and analysis helps maximise the life and efficiency of your gas and steam turbine systems.

Frazer-Nash has been providing expertise in the design and analysis of gas and steam turbine systems for over two decades. We use our extensive experience to help our clients comply with operational regulations, and to develop enhancements that maximise the life and efficiency of their products and facilities.

Enhancing gas turbine performance

We optimise the performance of gas turbine systems and components, and verify that gas turbine enclosures comply with regulations. We apply our diverse industry experience to enhance existing designs and deliver cost-effective improvements to clients. With a deep understanding of material behaviour, we carry out in-depth structural, vibration and impact analysis.

Our skills and services

  • Aerodynamics
  • Gas turbine engine design
  • Structures and vibration analysis
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Hot component lifing (creep / fatigue / fretting)
  • Asset management: Digital Twins
  • Enclosure design (thermal management and ATEX compliance)
  • Test rigs (concept to installation) – turbine, compressor and combustion
  • Gas turbine engine testing and monitoring
  • Exhaust system design and assessment
  • Root cause failure investigations
  • Environmental noise