Will Barnes

UAS Service Lead

Helping asset managers to enhance performance and safety through autonomous drones, data and artificial intelligence.

My biography

I’m proud to lead our UAS (or ‘drone’) service, supporting organisations across a breadth of markets to make the most of this exciting technology. I have a strong passion for new and innovative ideas and I’m working to deliver our vision: to make drones commonplace is a way that safely benefits society.

Early in my career I developed a core understanding in Aviation Safety largely supporting UK Defence projects and notably taking a leading role within the ASPIRE Programme, which is standardising air safety practices for all UK Defence aircraft. This stood me in good stead to build on my knowledge of and passion for drone technology, working to grow this area of our business and solve real world problems.

Now, as a Chartered Engineer and PMQ qualified project manager, I love leading drone projects, working with our experts in technology, regulation and operations. We are supporting across a breadth of industries; developing leading unmanned autonomous capabilities for the UK MOD; helping develop autonomous, remote inspection capability for national Power Networks and helping to manage the safety risk of drones, whilst developing new and exciting drone capabilities around UK Highways.

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