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Clean Energy Innovation webinars

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Frazer-Nash and the Young Generation Network (YGN) ran a four part webinar series, to discover the latest innovations in clean energy.

Join Frazer-Nash and the Young Generation Network (YGN) to discover the latest innovations in clean energy. Our four part webinar series will provide you with a great insight into how the energy industry is delivering and enabling innovation in the pursuit of Net Zero. You will be joining industry experts from across the UK helping to deliver clean energy, together with the next generation of engineers who are delivering innovative projects within nuclear, and beyond.

These webinars ran in July 2020. Registration is no longer available.

Thursday 9 July | 11:00 am 
The big picture

Register for 'The big picture' webinar here.

In this webinar we explore the dynamic landscape of Clean Energy Innovation, including the latest trends and technologies, government policy and how our industry will deliver on Net Zero by 2050. Our speakers for this session are:

  • Nial Greeves, Frazer-Nash Consultancy – An Introduction to Energy Innovation
  • BenRae, Nuclear AMRC – Robotic machining for decommissioning
  • Steven Lawler, Frazer-Nash Consultancy – Fusion and the energy mix
  • Dr William Joyce, Innovate UK – The industrial decarbonisation challenge

Read more about the speakers' presentations.

Thursday 16 July | 11:00 am 
‘Security s
ays no’

Register for the 'Security says no' webinar here.

Ever had a security professional just say ‘no’? In this webinar you will discover how integrating security requirements up front in reactor design can improve both security performance and flexibility. We will look at real world examples of innovative security approaches, and outline how organisations can ensure they are resilient against previously unconsidered risks, such as insider threat. Join us to hear the following speakers:

  • James Cornish, Frazer-Nash Consultancy – Secure by design
  • Stacy Snook, Sellafield – The insider amongst us
  • Tim Abram, U-Battery – Security for the U-Battery micro-reactor
  • Emma Bradford, Frazer-Nash Consultancy – Beyond the malicious insider threat

Read more about the speakers' presentations.

Thursday 23 July | 11:00 am 
Beating the countdown to Net Zero

Register for the 'Beating the countdown to Net Zero' webinar here.

In this webinar we explore how Advanced Nuclear Technologies can play, and are playing, a key role in achieving Net Zero by 2050. You will find out about the broader international market, how exotic coolants and fuels like molten salts are on the cusp of commercialisation, and some of the truly innovative ideas that could just help us realise our aspirations. Our speakers for this webinar will be:

  • Mike Drury, National Nuclear Laboratory – Meeting Net Zero with Advanced Nuclear Tech
  • Adam Olive, Frazer-Nash Consultancy – Thermal Hydraulics for Gen IV Reactors
  • Louis Plowden-Wardlaw, Terrestrial Energy – IMSR® in a Hybrid Energy System
  • Martin Soltau, Frazer-Nash Consultancy – Space-Based Solar Power

Read more about the speakers' presentations.

Thursday 30 July | 11:00 am 
Nuclear s
afety – the next generation

Register for the 'Nuclear safety – the next generation' webinar here.

Join us to find out how the nuclear safety discipline is evolving to embrace new technologies, and how you can get involved. From the latest Safety Case technologies and resources, to a live simulation of a pressurised water reactor (PWR), come and find out how you can fill the Nuclear Safety Skills gap of tomorrow. Register to hear presentations from:

  • Mike Hatfield, Frazer-Nash Consultancy – Nuclear Safety Cases for Dummies
  • Dr Nicolas Larrosa, University of Bristol – Nuclear Energy Materials: Integrity for Safety
  • Colin Tucker, EDF Energy – Your Reactor is Stable
  • Jayne Evans, Beta Technologies – Next Generation Safety Case

Read more about the speakers' presentations.

Win a free copy of Colin Tucker’s book, ‘How To Drive a Nuclear Reactor’ 

Colin Tucker book cover

Have you ever wondered which button to press to start a nuclear reactor? Join us for just one of the webinars, and you could win a copy of How To Drive A Nuclear Reactor, by Colin Tucker, Head of Nuclear Safety Group at Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station. Colin has worked in the UK nuclear industry for 30 years. His lively new book will take you on a journey from the science behind nuclear reactors, through their start-up, operation and shutdown.