Sustainability and decarbonisation

Supporting rapid and far-reaching transformations in the delivery of energy, security, industry, agriculture, and transport.

The challenges facing our planet are huge: the pace and impact of technological change both a part of the problem and, potentially, part of the solution. With a key trend of the last 50 years being a shift from solely productivity-driven goals, to a focus on sustainability, there is increasing emphasis on considering not only individuals’ needs, but those that best address society’s multiple requirements.

Integrated approaches are essential to ensure the security of energy and food supplies, the decarbonisation of power, and to increase climate change resilience. Our Systems Approach is ideally suited to addressing these challenges. We are working to make the world a more sustainable place.

Our expertise:

  • We champion natural capital, combining environmental consultancy with modelling and economic analysis to offer a fully ‘Green Book compliant’ appraisal service, which puts the value of natural capital at its heart
  • We work with government and industry to ensure infrastructure and technology projects are delivered efficiently, effectively and sustainably
  • We manage and support emerging technological innovation that will help develop novel solutions to sustainability challenges
  • Our multi-disciplinary teams can provide expert advice on the development of low carbon vehicles, including on improvements to vehicle fuel efficiency; regenerative braking systems; and electric steering systems

Providing support to:

  • Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
  • The Environment Agency (EA)
  • Department for International Development (DFID)
  • National Infrastructure Commission (NIC)
  • The Met Office
  • The Carbon Trust
  • Energy Saving Trust

Discover how we're helping to make the world a more sustainable place