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Congratulations to Dr Anthony Kwong

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Congratulations to Dr Anthony Kwong for being awarded the 2019 Professional Engineer of the Year for South Australia as part of the Engineers Australia awards.

Building on Engineers Australia’s proud history, the Engineer of the Year Awards (formerly called Individual Awards) confer recognition for outstanding individual engineering achievements and promote those engineering professionals who show innovation and resourcefulness in their work. Engineers Australia Awards recognise professional achievement, or engineering excellence in its various forms, and promote the profession of engineering.

Dr Anthony Kwong (left) pictured with the Director of our Australian Business, Jonathan Armstrong

Engineer of the Year Awards nominations are open for inspiring engineering professionals who demonstrate contribution to the well-being of people, communities and sustainable engineering practices, contribution to and promotion of the engineering profession, pioneering in the use of materials and/or methods and the formulation of resourceful, innovative and aesthetically appealing engineering solutions.