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Fellowship awarded to Frazer-Nash’s Head of Uncrewed Air Systems

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Fellowship is the highest grade of membership attainable at the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS).

Frazer-Nash’s Head of Uncrewed Air Systems, Stuart Keenan, has recently been awarded the grade of Fellow by the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS). Fellowship (FRAeS) is the highest grade of membership attainable at the RAeS.

Building on his early career as an RAF Engineer Officer, and reflecting his successful development of Frazer-Nash’s Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS) service over his past 10 years with the company, becoming a Fellow of the RAeS brings a significant amount of recognition within the aerospace industry.

Fellows of RAeS are recognized as highly skilled and experienced professionals who have made a considerable contribution to the field of aerospace. This recognition increases opportunities for professional development, access to a network of other leading aerospace professionals, and greater visibility within the industry.

On being awarded the Fellowship, Stuart says:

It is a great honour to be recognised by the RAeS for my achievements, particularly around the excellent cutting-edge drone development work my team has been involved with over recent years. This includes development of novel UAS concepts as well as enabling future drone use cases by pushing the boundaries of regulation whilst remaining acceptably safe.”

Engineering Manager, Kathryn Yardley, commented:

We are thrilled to congratulate Stuart on his well-deserved election as a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. This is a tremendous achievement, and recognition of Stu’s significant contributions to the field of aeronautics. Stuart will have the opportunity to further contribute to the development of aeronautics and promote excellence in the field – we look forward to the valuable insights he will bring to the Society, Frazer-Nash, and the aeronautical community as a whole.”

The RAeS is a UK-based professional institution and learned society dedicated to the global aerospace community. Founded in 1866, it is one of the world's oldest aeronautical societies, with a long history of promoting and advancing the science and engineering of aeronautics and astronautics.

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