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Frazer-Nash and Baines Simmons awarded four-year STEP contract by MOD

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Frazer-Nash Consultancy and aviation safety improvement consultancy Baines Simmons have been awarded a contract for the Ministry of Defence's (MOD's) Safety Training for Error Prevention (STEP) programme - an initiative aiming to embed safety into defence aviation.

Worth between £2 million and £3 million, the four-year contract will serve as a framework agreement to support and facilitate safety-related sub-projects across the MOD. There will also be the option for two one-year extensions.

STEP follows on from previous technical support initiatives, including the Defence Aviation Error Management System (DAEMS) programme, which were designed to support cultural change and the establishment of an effective Safety Management System (SMS) across the Defence Aviation Environment (DAE).

Tim Andrews, Business Manager at Frazer-Nash Consultancy, said: "Frazer-Nash will focus on providing change management, training analysis and specialist technical support to the programme, which will help the MOD to prevent accidents, reduce risk to life, enhance its operational capability and drive down unnecessary resource expenditure."

The STEP programme will further embed error management and support progress towards the next stage of safety maturity, as an effective SMS across the DAE is developed. As part of the programme, a Defence Safety Agency (DSA) will be formed, creating the potential for emerging training requirements across other MOD regulatory domains.

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