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Frazer-Nash and Galson Sciences to deliver cost modelling support for development of UK Geological Disposal Facility

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Systems and engineering consultancy, Frazer-Nash, is to provide cost modelling support to Radioactive Waste Management (RWM), the UK government organisation responsible for planning and delivering the geological disposal of radioactive waste. The work will be undertaken in collaboration with nuclear research services consultancy Galson Sciences Ltd, who will define the model structure and provide reference class data.

The project will deliver a long-term cost modelling capability in support of the development of a higher activity waste disposal solution for the UK – the UK Geological Disposal Facility (GDF).

Frazer-Nash Nuclear Business Manager, Dominic Box, outlines how the work being undertaken will benefit RWM:

“We will be working with our partner, Galson Sciences, to help RWM develop its cost modelling capability. Our support will deliver a better understanding of the costs and uncertainty of developing the UK GDF, including a benchmark of the full lifetime costs of this significant piece of national infrastructure.

“This work builds on the technical support Frazer-Nash and Galson Sciences currently provide RWM, and will include contributions from Frazer-Nash experts in project management, economic analysis, numerical modelling and software development, together with reference class forecasting from Galson Sciences.”

The multi-billion pound GDF programme will run for over 100 years.