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Frazer-Nash co-authors Defence Support’s White Paper: a roadmap to achieving a Net Zero future

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Howard Lungley played a role in producing the Roadmap for Sustainable Defence Support, to help the Ministry of Defence on its pathway to Net Zero.

In his role as a member of the Sustainable Defence Support Working Group, Frazer-Nash Senior Consultant, Howard Lungley, has been involved in producing the Roadmap for Sustainable Defence Support to help the Ministry of Defence on its pathway to Net Zero.

The paper, A Roadmap for Sustainable Defence Support, which was published by Team Defence Information last week, will be used to inform a future concept primer and influence defence support sustainability strategy.

Commenting on the challenge faced by the defence industry, Howard said:

“I was really pleased to be able to contribute my specialist expertise in the area of sustainability and carbon measurement to this roadmap. It illustrates the complexity of achieving Net Zero by 2050, and the scale of transformation needed in the defence sector.

“The defence industry is a key stakeholder in the Net Zero transition, as it is a major contributor to greenhouse gases and has a powerful influence on the supply chain. The initiatives in the report will help it plot its journey towards a sustainable future, and we in industry look forward to supporting it through the complexities of this transition.”

Frazer-Nash is helping its clients across defence and other sectors to achieve their Net Zero business objectives as we transition towards a decarbonised world. With an integrated and collaborative approach, which considers both commercial and technical challenges, the company is delivering technical solutions to meet the demands of tomorrow. Find out more at

Download a copy of the report from the Team Defence Information website.

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