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Frazer-Nash experts present on munitions health management at NATO HQ

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Frazer-Nash Consultancy experts, Drs Christopher Mallinson and Steven Wagstaff, presented on munitions health management at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) headquarters in Belgium last week.

Chris outlines the purpose of their presentations, which formed part of a NATO cooperative demonstration of technologies on Munitions Health Management (MHM):

“We were requested by the NATO Applied Vehicle Technology panel to talk about a project we’re undertaking for the Weapons Science and Technology Centre (WSTC). The project is exploring the development of a Smart Health Management Process (SHMP) for munitions at NATO headquarters, looking at providing an end-to-end management process for munitions’ deployment life across land and maritime domains.

“The SHMP will enable the use of existing technical infrastructures and standards, while allowing comparison against the munitions’ original baseline lifing data. By associating the deployment life of munitions with their platform environments – which are often an unknown factor – it will provide feedback so future munition qualifications are more representative of actual environments.”

Steve Wagstaff continues:

“Chris gave two briefs, as part of a themed set of presentations outlining the project to groups of delegates. The event was well-attended and positively received, with thanks given to Frazer-Nash for its involvement and support by the organisers and meeting chairs.

“Our involvement built on the previous work I’ve undertaken on behalf of Frazer-Nash, which currently includes supporting the UK’s Ministry of Defence on a smart defence initiative programme to deliver a guidance document on how to use, design and implement MHM.”

Together with representatives from the UK, United States, Turkey, the Netherlands and NATO’s Munitions Safety Information Analysis Centre (MSIAC), Steve and Chris manned the demonstration for three days, answering questions on design, costs, implementation strategies and data management from interested parties at NATO.

Keynote speakers at the event included the NATO Chief Scientist and Head of Defence Investment. The NATO event video is available here. Details of research areas of the NATO Science and Technology Organisation (STO) can be found here.