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Frazer-Nash experts to attend Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference at ASME PVP 2022

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The ASME PVP 2022 Conference is being held at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada, from 17-22 July.

Frazer-Nash experts, Steven Lawler, James Finley, Chris Halliday, Greg Nelson, and Graeme Horne will be presenting throughout the duration of the conference, which begins on Monday 18 July.

The event, which invites delegates from around the world, will meet to discuss the latest in PVP engineering innovation and emerging technologies, while communicating and collaborating with fellow experts, practitioners, and peers.

Members from over 40 countries will be in attendance at this year’s PVP Conference – with more than 180 paper and panel sessions set to take place.

Each of the representatives from Frazer-Nash will be presenting a paper during the course of the week.

Graeme Horne, Consultant within Frazer-Nash’s Asset Integrity department, will present Electron Beam Welds in 316L Part 1: Weld Production, Residual Stress Measurements and Predictions and Electron Beam Welds in 316L Part 2: A Methodology and example for Parameterised Residual Stress Profiles on Thursday 21 July from 8.15-10.00am.

James Finley, also a Consultant within Frazer-Nash’s Asset Integrity department, will present on Probabilistic Structural Integrity Analysis for Advanced Modular Reactors and Probabilistic Control Rod Failure Analysis for a Nominal Molten Salt Reactor on Tuesday 19 July from 2.15-4.00pm and 4.15-6.00pm respectively.

Chris Halliday, Senior Engineer within Frazer-Nash’s Structural Technology department, will present his paper on A Recurrent Neural Network Method for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Pressure Vessel Components on Monday 18 July, from 4.15-6.00pm.

Graeme Horne said of his contribution to the event:

“Understanding the residual stress state in welds is an important part of conducting a structural integrity assessment. I’ll be presenting a recent project we completed as part of the UK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Nuclear Innovation Programme Advance Manufacturing and Materials research area analysing electron beam welds in 316L stainless steel.

“We’ve conducted an extensive measurement and modelling campaign, and developed a framework for producing parameterised through-thickness stress profiles, with an aim to simplify the assessment procedures.”

Chris Halliday shared what he’ll be discussing at ASME PVP:

“Physics based reduced order models (ROMs) seek to reduce the computation time typically associated with high fidelity physics simulations, but can lack accuracy. At ASME PVP, I'll be discussing the implementation of a recurrent neural network based reduced order model that looks to maintain the accuracy of a CFD or FE analysis, whilst reducing the run time by orders of magnitude.”

James Finlay commented of his presentation:

“We all live in an uncertain world. This uncertainty must be accounted for when designing modern nuclear reactor components to assure their safe operation.

“Generally, the integrity of a reactor component is assessed using deterministic methods, with a large knock-down factor applied to account for uncertainty. However, this approach does not completely understand how uncertainty can affect the component performance. Oftentimes, this approach can lead to overly conservative (or in some cases optimistic) component designs.

“At PVP 2022, I will discuss the relative merits of various probabilistic approaches to structural integrity. I will also present a case study on how probabilistic methods can be used to gain a more accurate understanding of reactor control failure.”

Business Manager, Steven Lawler, who will accompany the group, added:

“I am delighted to be returning in-person to the ASME PVP next week, and very much looking forward to meeting friends and colleagues.

“We have some great presentations lined-up, and as the Frazer-Nash team, we're eager to promote our capabilities as an organisation and now as a part of the KBR family.

“Over the last 3 years we've grown as an organisation and built up our reputation as a trusted supplier in the fusion energy sector. This, combined with our advanced manufacturing initiative, "AMTecH", will be a focus for me as I meet known and new people at the PVP this week. It's a truly fantastic time to be in the nuclear and wider energy industry, so we’re all looking forward to an energetic and enthusiastic PVP event.”

Visit the ASME PVP website to find out more about the event.