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Frazer-Nash explores challenges of domestic hydrogen for BEIS

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An appraisal report on the engineering challenges of developing domestic hydrogen appliances, written by Frazer-Nash in conjunction with Almaas Technologies, has been published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

BEIS commissioned Frazer-Nash to explore the engineering challenges of developing domestic appliances - gas hobs, ovens, fires and boilers - that can run on 100 per cent hydrogen, as part of the department's wider research into heat decarbonisation.

The appraisal investigated the impact, at a component level, of running appliances designed for natural gas on hydrogen, identifying the key technical issues and the components that would need to be redesigned. It considered three potential options for hydrogen appliances, in each case evaluating the performance, practical considerations, development timescales and costs. The options were:

  • new appliances developed specifically to run on hydrogen
  • the adaptation of existing natural gas appliances in-situ to run on hydrogen
  • new dual-fuel appliances that can switch from natural gas to hydrogen.

In addition to a systematic review of the available literature, Frazer-Nash undertook detailed industry engagement, including 1-2-1 conversations and a discussion workshop with appliance and component manufacturers, gas testing bodies, maintenance and servicing contract companies, trade associations and consultancies.

You can read the 'Appraisal of domestic hydrogen appliances' report here.