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Frazer-Nash’s Mike Morua to chair INCOSE EMEA workshop in Utrecht

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Frazer-Nash’s Mike Morua, with Jan Verbeek of ADSE Consulting and Engineering, will be undertaking the role of chair at the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) EMEA Rail Interest Group workshop in Utrecht on 10 and 11 October.

The INCOSE EMEA workshops are held every two years, and this year will be taking place in the Netherlands, with an agenda that includes two international keynote speakers, and 20 workshop sessions in five parallel tracks during the two days.

Describing his workshop, Mike said:

“The workshop I’ll be chairing is titled: ‘Challenges for System Integration in Rail’. Rail projects have grown in scope, size and complexity over the years, with the rise of more urban and suburban transit capability aiming to remove cars from the highways to reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, they have become more complex, with a rise in digital technology to allow high speed trains, improved frequency of service (approaching two to three minutes per train), and digital ticketing.

“As this capability grows, there is now a need to integrate local bus, tram and light rail service with main line rail services, in terms of capabilities, governance and management. The objective is to reduce the commute time, and to allow people to enjoy the urban, suburban and rural areas at an affordable fare while also reducing their carbon footprint.

“Our workshop will address a variety of integration issues and attempt to identify a generic system integration framework that can be applied to these projects. This framework will consist of architecture, governance, migration strategies and processes that allow effective and reduced risk management of these complex projects. We will focus on the Dutch Railway and mass transit capability; however, our principles and summaries will be applied in a more general environment, which will have ramifications for mass transit in the UK and other global locations.

“Our findings will be presented at the next INCOSE UK Rail Interest Group meeting in London during the latter part of October 2019.”

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