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Frazer-Nash takes the Scottish Business Pledge

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Frazer-Nash has signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge, a partnership between the Scottish Government and industry that aims to boost productivity, competitiveness, sustainable employment and workforce engagement and development in Scotland.

Grace Wise, who coordinated Frazer-Nash’s pledge submission, described what the pledge entailed:

“The Scottish Business Pledge is a voluntary code which describes a commitment to supporting business in Scotland through sustainable business practices. There are nine elements to the pledge, and we already meet a number of these, including paying the real living wage, not using zero-hours and prompt payment of suppliers.

For the submission, we had to demonstrate a long-term commitment to the full nine undertakings. We could confidently do this as they are closely aligned with our values and the way we are already evolving.”

The nine elements of the Scottish Business Pledge are:

  1. Paying the living wage
  2. Not using exploitative zero hours contracts
  3. Supporting progressive workforce engagement
  4. Investing in youth
  5. Making progress on diversity and gender balance
  6. Committing to an innovation programme
  7. Pursuing international business opportunities
  8. Playing an active role in the community
  9. Committing to prompt payment

Director of Frazer-Nash’s Glasgow office, John Devlin, said:

“Frazer-Nash opened its Glasgow office in 2004, and is committed to Scottish business and to the values that this pledge embodies. We were able to demonstrate that we met, or were on the way to achieving, all nine elements of the Scottish Business Pledge. As a business with a reputation for integrity and delivering innovative solutions to customer’s problems, we are committed to the wellbeing and development of both our people, and the communities and clients with whom we work.”

Further information about the Scottish Business Pledge can be found at