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Ruth Salomon awarded Fellowship of the Nuclear Institute

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Frazer-Nash’s Ruth Salomon has been elected as a Fellow of the Nuclear Institute.

Fellowship is the highest level of membership with each institution, and is awarded to individuals who demonstrate outstanding professionalism and competence, working in a senior role with significant autonomy and responsibility. It also denotes a person’s wealth of experience, commitment, and their contribution to engineering.

A Senior Consultant within the EDF TSA Stations and Systems group, Ruth has been at Frazer-Nash for a year, following a twenty-year career in Magnox. During her time, largely at Wylfa Site, she covered a wide range of roles including Reactor System Engineer, Head of Fuel Route and Defueling Preparations, and Shift Manager. She saw the site go from a generating site, through defueling and into the start of the Care and Maintenance Preparations.  She is now using her knowledge and experience to help a number of EDF sites through their defueling preparations and into defueling.

Ruth achieved a number of firsts in her career; having been the first woman system engineer on Wylfa site, the first woman Shift Manager in Magnox, and the first woman Emergency Controller within Magnox.

A Chartered Engineer through the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, Ruth’s background is in Metallurgy, where she has an Honours Degree and PhD from The University of Birmingham, followed sometime later with an MBA from The Open University.

Ruth said:

“I am delighted to have been awarded Fellowship of the Nuclear Institute.  I have spent most of my career in this industry, and it continues to present new and exciting challenges every day. I am proud to have my contribution and achievements recognised in this way.

“I hope this will inspire more women to become engineers, knowing there is the opportunity for long and interesting careers – whether they wish to stay technical or move into management or leadership roles, all of which I have done at some point in my career.”

“I am grateful to my colleagues at Frazer-Nash, and particularly Holley-Reece Barkell (FIMechE), for suggesting I could achieve Fellowship and supporting me through this process, as I hope to continue to help and mentor others as they go through their own career journeys.”

Ruth’s Line Manager, Holley-Reece Barkell, who also received Fellowship from the IMechE in 2019, commented:

“Ruth’s career journey to date is a great example of inspiring success, often trail blazing and setting out a path that others can follow.  Coupled with how Ruth has overcome adversity I believe this makes her a great role model for all aspiring future leaders, but especially for women. I’m excited to see where Ruth takes her career and the nuclear industry next.”

Frazer-Nash is committed to encouraging professional development within the consultancy, and provides support to staff at any stage of their career.

Ruth at the Wylfa Reactor

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