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A number of Frazer-Nash of articles were published by The Engineer as part of its Skills and Careers week.

The themed week looked at critical aspects of the engineering skills debate, providing insight into career opportunities and paths, and offering advice on career and skills development.

Frazer-Nash's Engineering Director, Chris Guyott offers 'Ten tips on how to engineer a flexible career with your transferable skills' can be found here.

'Do you have the right engineering skills in place for a digital future?' by Martin Pocock, Head of Frazer-Nash's Digital Systems department. Can be found here.

'The funny world of engineering consultancy' asks: what does an engineering consultant actually do? Find out here.

Two of our engineering consultants, Becky Threlfall and Keir Gravil, discuss the diversity that an engineer's day delivers. Read their interviews here.

Jonathan Armstrong, Director of Frazer-Nash's Australian Business, offers 'Eight key steps to fostering an innovation culture'. Read Jonathan's article here.

The articles, written by a broad range of experts in Frazer-Nash, will suggest that engineers need to evolve their skills to meet the changing demands of the digital workplace; explore the benefits of transferable skills; discuss telling the story of innovation; examine the role of the consultant; and consider the diversity of an engineer's day.