News & Events-Frazer-Nash awarded approved supplier status by Safran Engineering Services

Frazer-Nash has been recognised as an approved supplier by Safran Engineering Services, one of the leading technology engineering providers in the aeronautical market.

Together, Frazer-Nash and Safran Engineering Services have delivered a range of specialist engineering services to aerospace customers to date, and in particular to Airbus in its development of the new A350 series aircraft.

The award of approved supplier status to Frazer-Nash means that the company will be in a strong position to bid for future Safran Engineering Services work, which might cover areas including examining vulnerability, damage tolerance, crashworthiness and fatigue testing for new aircraft.

Glyn Norris, Aerospace Business Manager at Frazer-Nash, commented: "Frazer-Nash and Safran have worked closely together for a number of years, chiefly in delivering critical structural analyses, based on non-linear Finite Element Analysis, to the aerospace market. As a result of this supplier approval, we look forward to collaborating even more closely to ensure that our clients including Airbus get the best value and highest quality service possible."