News & Events-Frazer-Nash continued growth - new Australian office

Engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash is continuing to grow its business in Australia, signalled by the opening of a new city centre office in Adelaide, an announcement that demonstrates Frazer-Nash's long term ambitions in the country.

Since Frazer-Nash moved into the Australian market in 2010 it has received strong business returns, with orders in the region of $3.5 million, and the company has become a trusted advisor to numerous major projects.

As its Australian client list grows Frazer-Nash is continuing to recruit talented engineers with three UK engineers recently relocating to the new Adelaide office along with further new local recruits appointed, with the team expected to exceed twenty engineers by the end of the year.

Phil Harris, Manager of Frazer-Nash's Australian business, said, "Adelaide has been the ideal location for us and we are continuing to expand our business here which has prompted our move to a larger office in the city centre.  We have been fortunate to be able to get involved in a number of major projects, ranging from safety management support to the Air Warfare Destroyer programme in Adelaide, to requirements management for major rail infrastructure programmes, and advanced engineering analysis for the oil and gas industry."
"We are delighted at the success Frazer-Nash has achieved in our first two years of operation. We have long term plans to continue to grow our Australian business and believe that many organisations could benefit from the services we offer, from safety case development through to high-end systems engineering and specialist modelling and simulation."