News & Events-Frazer-Nash provides additional support to Puma HC Mk2 programme

Following a competitive tender process, engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash has been awarded a further major contract to support the MOD Puma Life Extension Programme (LEP), a role the company has held for the past four years. 

The LEP will extend the Puma helicopter fleet service life from 2012 until 2025 to deliver an effective support helicopter capability.  The LEP will also improve the safety of the platform by providing new engines and a digital flight control system as well as increased platform survivability and enhanced communications. 

Frazer-Nash is working with the MOD and the prime contractor, Eurocopter, to develop the Hazard Log, Loss Model and Safety Case for the Puma HC Mk2 to demonstrate the aircraft will be compliant with the MOD and Military Aviation Authority safety and airworthiness requirements.  Assuring the aircraft's safety will be one of the main factors in the HC Mk2 programme's success.

One of the challenges with a modified aircraft is to provide a safety case to modern standards for the whole helicopter, including the use of supporting evidence for the legacy part of the system.  Another important aspect of the task is the integration of equipment certified for civil use within a military operational environment. 

Frazer-Nash will analyse the sequence of events between a technical failure which gives rise to a hazard, and a resulting accident.  In support of this analysis, Frazer-Nash will facilitate the aircrew and engineering judgement panels during which crews will describe and make assessments of their ability to cope with hazardous situations.

Crucial to the success of the process, Frazer-Nash is closely engaged with the MOD project team, Eurocopter, the Independent Technical Evaluator (ITE), the Independent Safety Auditor (ISA) and the in-service authority, and getting valuable operator inputs to the assessments and reviews.

Commenting on Frazer-Nash's appointment, Martin Soltau at the consultancy said: "We are delighted to be working with the MOD on this exciting and prestigious programme that quite clearly provides a significant contribution to the RAF's support helicopter capability. We will be drawing upon our vast experience and expertise in the development of aircraft safety cases to continue our central role in the HC Mk2 programme."

The Puma 2 Gazelle Project Team at Abbey Wood, Bristol is leading the project within the Ministry of Defence's Defence, Equipment and Support organisation.