News & Events-Frazer-Nash to provide support to Environment Agency in nuclear waste quality checking

Engineering and technology company Frazer-Nash has secured a framework contract with the Environment Agency as part of its quality checking activities for radiological waste.

Working as part of a consortium of other companies led by the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), Frazer-Nash will be putting forward a team of experienced and independent environmental auditors to support the Environment Agency in their regulation of radiological waste producers' sites in England and Wales.

Frazer-Nash's audit work will include risk and compliance auditing - evaluating the processes used in consigning low-level waste for treatment and disposal. The company offers a package of skills that can assist the Environment Agency's reviews of current processes and procedures for managing the waste to ensure they are adequate and comply with the necessary national regulations.

The wider consortium offers the Environment Agency a flexible and efficient service for completing waste quality checking and draws on expertise from across industry. The Environment Agency was impressed with the complimentary skills that exist in the consortium that will provide the organisation with the facilities, equipment and skills to achieve the level of knowledge and authoritative advice required.

Ian Tarplee, Senior Environmental Consultant at Frazer-Nash commented: "Frazer-Nash's team of IEMA-qualified environmental auditors provides the Environment Agency with a highly-skilled workforce capable of completing the necessary audit work efficiently and thoroughly. We are pleased to be in a position to help the Environment Agency on such an important task and look forward to working alongside others in industry to provide the best service possible."

Frazer-Nash is working alongside Babcock Ltd and Nuvia Ltd as part of the consortium led by NNL. The contract potentially lasts for up to four years.