News & Events-Frazer-Nash to provide support to Rumaila oilfield modernisation

Engineering technology specialist Frazer-Nash Consultancy has been selected by BP Iraq, via the Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO), to provide technical assurance during a fitness-for-service (FFS) assessment programme of the giant oilfield's pressure vessels and associated equipment.

In addition Frazer-Nash has also been asked to assist in the development of a methodology for establishing the appropriate levels of assessment to apply to each item, to ensure that the most cost-effective solution is deployed.

ROO is a joint venture formed to modernise and operate the oilfield in the southern part of Iraq.  As a result of the two Gulf Wars and associated political instability, the field requires substantial investment to restore it to full operating capacity.  The FFS assessment forms part of this process by establishing the suitability and condition of the equipment currently installed.

Simon Rees, Frazer-Nash Business Manager for Oil and Gas, said "This multi-year project is an important part of restoring the Rumaila field to capacity, and we are proud to have been selected by BP for this task.  We hope the techniques and methods we develop on this project will help ROO as they continue their remediation work on other parts of the asset portfolio".