News & Events-Eight months in Provence, Frazer-Nash appointed by the ITER organisation

Frazer-Nash has been selected to support the 'Cryostat and VVPSS' (Vacuum Vessel Pressure Suppression System) team at the ITER project near Cadarche in southern France. The eight-month contract will see Frazer-Nash on-site at ITER carrying out an update of structural analysis to qualify the cryostat design against the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

The cryostat is a welded structure manufactured from stainless steel plates that are up to 180 millimetres in thickness.  It forms the vacuum-tight container surrounding the ITER vacuum vessel and superconducting magnets. When complete it will have a weight of 3500 tonnes, an outer diameter of more than 28 metres and will be almost 30 metres tall.

The structural analysis work being carried out by Frazer-Nash is to confirm the structural integrity of the updated Cryostat design due to project change requirements.

A large number of load cases must be assessed and Frazer-Nash has been able to minimise the effort and cost by introducing a high degree of automation to the analysis techniques.  This involves complex ANSYS APDL scripting to analyse the required load cases and capture the output necessary to make the assessment of qualification against ASME.   

Other work being carried out as part of the same support contract includes determining the loads that the cryostat will impose on the ITER building structure and foundations during its operational life.  This part of the work is on the critical path for the on-going building work, so completing work to align with other site activities is critical.

Dr Philip Rogers, Business Manager for the nuclear sector, said: "We are delighted to build on our existing support to the fusion sector with this contract directly with the ITER Organisation.  It's great to be contributing to the project while at the same time being cost and time efficient.  It is a very fast-paced project so it is important to have the best people delivering high-quality work and on this basis we are delighted to have been selected to support the Cryostat and VVPSS Section led by Mr. Bharat Doshi"