News & Events-Frazer Nash are "particularly important to Surrey's economic prospects".

Frazer-Nash are "particularly important to Surrey's economic prospects."

Speaking about Surrey Connects' ambitious target to double Surrey's GDP to £52bn by 2030, Mark Pearson, chief executive of Surrey's economic development partnership touted the importance of Frazer-Nash in achieving this target.

Key sectors identified as drivers of growth included computer gaming, electrical and mechanical engineering; digital and creative technologies; financial, business and professional services; and pharmaceuticals and advanced manufacturing.

Pearson went on to name global companies such as Sony, Samsung, Unilever and Mclaren alongside Frazer-Nash as businesses he believed were particularly important to Surrey's economic prospects.

Frazer-Nash Consultancy was founded in 1971 and opened their first office in Dorking, Surrey. Over the past 40 years, the company has consistently grown and has now expanded to 8 offices in he UK and 2 in Australia. The company looks to continue this growth trend.

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