News & Events-Frazer-Nash Develops new approach to addressing electronic obselescence within offshore assets

As a market leading consultancy, Frazer-Nash has developed a coherent approach for addressing the issues that obsolescent electronic systems present where continuous life extension of offshore assets is concerned.

The issue of obsolescent electronic systems is increasingly problematic within offshore asset life extension due to a variety of factors. These include the scarcity of replacement parts, missing or incomplete design information and the requirement from the Health and Safety Executive that more stringent assessments of legacy equipment are used to support new developments.

Frazer-Nash Consultancy, specialists in complex offshore design and support projects, can provide the solution. The consultancy has encountered the same problem in its naval support business stream, and has developed a simple and coherent approach that will help operators ensure the ongoing reliability of critical systems through the use of advanced electronic systems modelling.

Huw Smith, head of the consultancy's Electronic Systems Analysis Group, explains:

"Often when an obsolete component fails spares are not available, and no modern component is available with the same functionality.  In fact the functionality itself may be unclear, as might the safety implications of a change in component.  We use advanced electronic systems modelling to simulate the system and establish what it does and how it's integrated with other connected systems.  We can then undertake a Safety Integrity Level analysis of the new system to ensure it meets the required safety standard".

By working with operators, Frazer-Nash can build up a library of critical control and instrumentation systems, with modern replacement components identified.  By using reliability data it's even possible to develop a spares plan for obsolete systems with acceptable replacement schemes ready to apply, minimising the chances of loss of production.

Oil and Gas Business Manager, Neil Whyld, said:"Being able to provide rapid solutions to problems in theNorth Seais vitally important to us.  Our customers cannot tolerate interruptions to production and we recognise that time is precious, and being able to implement a safe solution quickly is one of our main aims".