News & Events-Frazer-Nash Featured in the MOD’s Defence Contracts Bulletin

Martin Soltau, Aerospace Business Manager at Frazer-Nash, discusses the benefits and challenges of the shift in policy by the MOD in the ownership of safety cases.

Traditionally, the Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) department at the MOD have been responsible for the procurement of both new equipment and the relevant safety cases. The change in ownership of safety case now gives the responsibility to Front Line Commands (FLC). This change in policy brings the MOD inline with 'best practise' work, evident in the civil sector.

The FLC will now gain the authority to balance safety and capability through life of the equipment. This presents challenges and opportunities in both the transition period and on going implementation of the policy.

Martin's full article, can be found in the 30th October 2013 edition of MOD DCB's magazine.