News & Events-Frazer-Nash launches resilience service at DSEI

Leading engineering consultancy Frazer- Nash will launch its resilience service at DSEi 2013 to help companies develop their resilience strategies.

Resilience is about continuing to deliver through adverse circumstances (economic, political, natural and man-made disaster, etc), even if they are unforeseen.  The Frazer-Nash Resilience service will help clients with the large and complex issue of understanding, quantifying and developing an appropriate level of resilience that is bespoke, cost effective and sustainable.

The Resilience team at Frazer-Nash boasts an experienced group of professionals from a variety of civilian and military backgrounds. The team is extremely well placed to deliver innovative and complete solutions that ensure any organisation can return to business as usual after being hit by foreseen or unforeseen adverse circumstances.

The consultancy can, for example, deliver resilience solutions across all core areas that sit behind defence capability including: training, equipment, personnel, infrastructure, doctrine, organisational process, information security and logistics. Some examples include:

  • Examination of the physical training needs of employees.
  • Blast assessment in the design/development of equipments and structures.
  • Security accreditation of current and future equipments.
  • Assurance of the resilience of a depot design with fluctuating demand.
  • Business model development for a key Defence capability.
  • Refining hull-form design to improve speed and efficiency of high-speed craft.
  • Fatigue study to inform lifespan of an at-risk element in a complex system.
  • Study into the critical spares requirement of a complex, high profile site.
  • Development of a workforce planning tool to inform better management.

Chris Cullis, Business Manager, Resilience commented:"We draw on the excellence of our people and the broad array of technical services that we offer to identify and deliver that targeted support that will contribute most effectively to an organisation's resilience and success. Preceding and on-going enterprise level analysis ensures that a solution is never applied in isolation." 

Any or all of Frazer-Nash's services can be applied in coordination, and with the grain of an enterprise's existing processes, to deliver a more appropriately resilient organisation.