News & Events-Frazer-Nash leads technical support for mars tanker project

Engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash continues to lead the Afloat Support Shipping Engineering Technical Services (ASSETS) contract and provide the MOD with specialist technical support for the Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) Tanker project. 

Since 2011 Frazer-Nash, along with a number of key subcontractors has provided the MoD, under the ASSETS contract, with a range of specialist services to assist the MARS project team.

Initially Frazer-Nash's support was focussed on competitive dialogue, competition and plan approvals and it is now moving into the design and build phases of the project. Frazer-Nash will continue to provide specialist technical support and advice to the MARS team as part of the overall effort to procure the ships in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Specialist support has been provided in areas such as environmental, safety, supportability, as well as providing strategies and plans for oversight and acceptance and analysis of potential engineering design issues.

Paul Havron, Surface Ships Business Manager at Frazer-Nash said:"Through this contract we utilise our technical expertise from across the business, as well as from our subcontractors, to provide the MoD with the right specialist support for each task. As the 'customer friend' we are clearly independent to the equipment manufacturer and the ship builder, and can therefore provide truly impartial support and a cost effective solution for the MOD."

The MARS Tankers are part of a multi-billion pound investment program for the Royal Navy, which includes Type 45 destroyers, Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers and Astute Class attack submarines, employing thousands of people in theUK.