News & Events-Frazer-Nash to assess cathodic protection system on Fairfield's Dunlin platform

Frazer-Nash Consultancy, the engineering analysis specialist, has been awarded a contract to assess the current and future options for the cathodic protection (CP) system on Fairfield's Dunlin platform and the Merlin and Osprey subsea facilities.

Dunlin was installed in 1976. As part of Fairfield's investment in extending the life of the asset the CP system now needs renewing and improving.  Various options, ranging from fixed anodes to impressed current systems, will be studied before a new configuration is adopted.

Frazer-Nash was selected on the basis of its long history of CP system simulation and its deep understanding of the underlying electrochemistry.  It will use its own proprietary FNRemus boundary element software - specifically developed for complex scenarios - to model the performance of the current system and study future options. 

Simon Rees, Frazer-Nash Business Manager for Oil and Gas, said "We're very pleased to be continuing our relationship with Fairfield on this project. Our company's 500 staff easily cover all the necessary skill sets, as well as providing the capacity to provide a project team drawn from different disciplines. The CP team is keen to get started and we're in the great position of having FNRemus - perhaps the most powerful tool of its kind - to support us".