News & Events-Future aerospace design

Frazer-Nash Senior Consultant, Nigel Pready, is featured in leading publication Battlespace - a magazine coving the spectrum of defence technologies. Nigel writes on the future of aerospace design, whilst discussing the barriers of taking some of the revolutionary concepts by NASA to the mass market.

The need to innovate in the aerospace industry is vital for its continued success. It is an industry that is seeing record growth in demand from emerging economies in both freight and passenger numbers whilst also incurring ever increasing constraints: environmental, safety, fuel costs and material costs. Nigel points out that significant progress has been made in the last 50 years, however without a revolutionary shift in aircraft design, diminishing returns will prevent future efficiency savings.

Not only will the future of aerospace need a new approach to design, it will need a new approach to analysis. Nigel highlights an industry wide challenge, a lack of analytical tools flexible enough to simultaneously accommodate new materials, designs and engines.  

"Selecting an optimal design based on performance and structural integrity cannot be done for radical designs using the tools currently available."

Further challenges facing the industry include creating highly efficient advance aircraft, such as blended wing body designs with composite materials, while ensuring a level of manufacturability to support the growing global demand.

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