News & Events-ICE publishes article on ‘Modelling for cost-effective resilience against blast’

Protecting assets from blast and ensuring that operations can return to business as usual is crucial to any enterprise. Minimising potential risks is of paramount importance, and at a time of austerity, businesses and governments are looking for the right balance between protection and cost.

The Intuition of Civil Engineers (ICE) has published a Frazer-Nash paper on 'Modelling for cost-effective resilience against blast'. Printed in Engineering and Computational Mechanics, the paper was authored by Business Manager, Dave Reed.

In his briefing, Dave addresses the requirement for modelling the effects of blast on structures and occupants. Modelling demonstrates that a duty of care has been undertaken in mitigating proportionate levels of risk while also ensuring a cost-effective solution.

Through modelling multiple structural designs and material choices against blast type, intensity and location, a blast mitigating strategy can be developed. It can identify the point at which diminishing returns on protection and resilience set in when designing building layout and material selection. This ensures enterprises do not over invest, while maintaining the key ability to return to business as quickly as possible following an incident.

An abstract of the article and details on how you can obtain a copy can be found on the ICE website

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